GROUP SESSIONS - first session free

Every single exercise we do at Motivate Yourself, is based on Pilates fundamentals.  We do not move our bodies until we have engaged our core in the right way and then the correct technique follows.  No matter what your size and fitness, it will be my focus to ensure all of the exercises are achievable at your level of strength and we will build up from there.  Some may seem to be further ahead in their fitness, but I can promise you that no-one gets left behind.

The best part about group sessions at Motivate Yourself, is you are supported, 100% by your fellow fitness partners as well as your trainer!


WHERE:  Motivate Yourself

               (during school terms only!)

               10 Lovely Valley Road

               Flagstaff Hill


WHEN:   Monday to Friday

               9:15am (60 minutes)

               Monday, Wednesday Friday

               6am (45 minutes)


               6pm (45 minutes)

              7pm (30 minutes) Zoom

              See "Zoom Sessions - online" for more details


contact: Nikki Moore on 0408 133 029






All sessions are conducted in a strictly confidential and respectful manner, please be assured of utmost discretion.