I’d like to say thank you for offering these sessions to us. I have done various fitness things over the years, most of them not lasting long and usually years in between each.
I can’t believe I have stuck to this so long and actually look forward to doing my fitness sessions most days.  I love the encouragement both from the others and from you as I am one who would easily give up if not pushed and don’t have much will power to hang in there normally. The location, time of day and length of session all suit me perfectly at the moment so this too makes it convenient to do.

24th March 2015.


As someone who's been a full time athlete and professional coach, I like to learn from the best! Nikki's advice and support was second to none.
21st August 2017
I’m so glad that you started your new business and that I found you. Your sessions are fantastic! I’ve loved re discovering exercise and the way my fitness level has gradually improved.
By the Chrissy show, imagine how friggin fit we all will be and amazing we will feel.
26th March 2015


Thank you for the session today, yes intense but we all stuck to it! Like all your sessions Nikki are a challenge but fun, really enjoying every single session, but not one has been exactly the same, that's what I love about coming! Keep up your good work!



1st April 2015